Cloud, For Gamers

The integrated cloud platform committed to simplify the deployment of multiplayer game server and support its operation.


Game Server Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Web Hosting and more.

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Monitor, analyze and manage game servers anywhere.

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All-round professional protection for your application, from layer 3 to layer 7.

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Fast, easy, serverless

Just focus on your development, and no longer need to care about the infrastructure. Spend more time with your players and enjoy the game, we're ready to do the rest for you, in a serverless way.

  • Powerful cli tools, deploy with one command
  • Fully elastic, capacity on demand
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Far more than hosting

Creating game modes is already difficult, why not save your peace of mind in operating? In addition to server hosting, we also provide a series of products and formed a complete DevOps solution to help you monitor, analyze, manage your servers, and more.

  • Efficient operation anytime, anywhere
  • Developer-friendly, easy to integrate
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All-round professional protection

Backed by the world-class cloud based DDoS protection service and our self-developed firewall, we are allowed to provide a wide range of protection and mitigate attacks in seconds. Ensuring the normal operation of services on our network.

  • Tbps+ DDoS protection capacity
  • Custom protection rules for each game
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Expanding global network

We are running data centers in more than 10 locations around the world and our network is still expanding rapidly. Making you get better connected, no matter where you are.

  • 10+ locations worldwide
  • China network supported
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* Available locations of each product may vary.